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The code monkey swinging on a rope The art monkey swinging on another rope

These are the monkeys that work hard to bring you the best gaming experiences possible.

Matt Larson

Code Monkey
A cute code monkey

Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and has been building games for many years. He found a passion for game design and development after working on projects for a video game development class. Matt loves creating challenges for others to conquer.

Matt's Blog

Theresa Hanson

Art Monkey
a cute art monkey

Theresa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration, as well as her Master’s in Media Design. Her artistic creations and design works can be seen on many blogs and brochures, as well as hanging in homes around the area. Theresa’s artistic skills include fine arts, graphic design, apparel design, and video game asset design.

Theresa's Website

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